MLC Compliance

 /No Blacklists/No charge for Crew/No Discrimination/Mandatory SEA 

The following agreement is written as Crew/Candidate advice, guidance and employment protection in compliance with MLC 2006 regulations.

Section 1.4 of the regulations, relating to Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Services, stipulate the below requirements which Crewteria fully abides by:


  • CREWTERIA will not charge candidates

Any direct or ‘hidden’ costs before, during or after, the process of registration through to placement. CREWTERIA confirms that no fees or other charges for seafarer recruitment or placement or for providing employment to seafarers are borne directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by the seafarer, other than the cost of the seafarer obtaining a national statutory medical certificate, the national seafarer’s book and a passport or other similar personal travel documents.


  • CREWTERIA will assist next of kin or concerned family members with any advice and guidance they can.

In so doing and if necessary, they will first try to verify that the credibility of the relationship is genuine and for example will try to advise the Candidate of the concerns and pass over contact details of the family member to the engaged Candidate, (rather than vice versa, for the potential protection of the personal details of the crewmember). To this end, Candidates will be required to maintain up to date records of their own personal contact details, for use by CREWTERIA.


  • CREWTERIA will not recruit seafarers under the age of 18

It is illegal to engage a person less than 16 years of age on a yacht (or 18 years of age as a Chef). CREWTERIA will therefore not nominate such individuals to our Clients.


  • CREWTERIA does not operate a Blacklist

CREWTERIA will prohibit the use of means, mechanisms or blacklists intended to prevent or deter qualified seafarers from gaining employment.


  • CREWTERIA holds a confidential database of Candidates placed

CREWTERIA holds an up to date and confidential database of all seafarers with whom it engages and has placed, the details of which are held for no longer than is necessary and deleted accordingly.


  • CREWTERIA conducts validation checks

CREWTERIA will conduct validation checks to verify the authenticity of seafarer’s licenses. Engineering licenses may be checked against the MCA’s official register


  • CREWTERIA conducts reference checks and vetting

CREWTERIA will conduct confidential reference checks against all seafarers with whom it engages. It is also CREWTERIA’s policy to individually met, wherever possible, all seafarers with whom it works in order to conduct an initial interview.


  • CREWTERIA will verify client/vessel MLC Compliance Certifications & Insurance

CREWTERIA will request a copy of the yachts MLC 2006 certificate and will record the certificate number on file

CREWTERIA will establish that the terms of a seafarer’s contract will be released for review prior to that seafarer joining his or her yacht

CREWTERIA will, to the best of its ability, establish that the seafarers SEA (Seafarers Employment Agreement) holds information indicating that the yacht owner and or management company has the means to protect its crew from both abandonment and also being stranded in a foreign port. CREWTERIA will make sure, as far as practical, that the Client is financially able to fulfil his obligations to you, you should try to determine that you are similarly satisfied. That you have adequate personal insurance cover provided for you by the Client during the period of your employment. If that is not available and you still wish to accept employment, CREWTERIA can identify for you recognized industry provider/s from whom you can purchase such insurance. However, CREWTERIA do not make recommendations of service providers and do not accept any default of their services to you.


  • CREWTERIA will ensure that candidates will have enough time to study the offered SEA

The MLC gives the Candidate the right of enough time to study the content before and after signing a SEA with the Client. You should also receive a copy of the document.

The example (link below) Seafarers Employment Agreement (SEA) holds vital information for Crew, please click on the button at the bottom of the page to learn more about SEA. It encompasses as far as possible the yachts obligations to you under MLC 2006. It is a good example, as there is not a standard SEA.

SEA’s are required to comply with current applicable national laws and regulations and should include any Collective Bargaining Agreement that may apply to them. Together they should not be less favorable than the minimum standards of MLC.

Further general advice is recorded below, and it is recommended that you satisfy yourself of these items before any interview/s.

You should be sure that all sections of the SEA are completed and acceptable to you. Where a yacht does not need to comply with MLC or flies the flag of a country which has not ratified MLC, you should ensure you are happy with the SEA offered. Please use the button at the bottom of the page to see flag states that have currently ratified MLC 2006.


  • CREWTERIA does not discriminate and welcomes applications from all individuals


  • CREWTERIA keeps Privacy Data confidential

We take your Privacy very seriously and have measures in place to keep your data secure. Our extensive Privacy Policy covers all our legitimate uses of your Data and how we secure this information as well as our retention policy. Our IT systems are all based in the EU and information is only shared with 3rd parties with consent and for legitimate purposes of gaining employment and verification of suitability for a position onboard.


  • CREWTERIA will inform Seafarer’s of their Rights and Duties

Prior to engagement CREWTERIA will inform Candidates of their Rights & Duties under their employment agreement. Please click on the button at the bottom of the page so see your rights under MLC Regulations.


  • CREWTERIA will verify minimum required candidate documents

Standard Certificates required to work onboard

STCW Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping

  • Personal Survival Techniques
  • Elementary First Aid
  • Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention
  • Proficiency in Security Awareness*  
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility

Medical examination

  • MCA Approved ENG1

*Ships to which the International Ship and Port Facility (ISPS) Code applies, you must hold a Security Awareness certificate (STCW A-VI/6- 4). If you are assigned designated security duties aboard a vessel you must obtain a Designated Security Duties certificate (STCW A-VI/6 – 6 to 8). 


  • CREWTERIA’s Seafarer Insurance

CrewSEACURE is an insurance product, developed by Seacurus, for employers of seafarers and shipowners required to satisfy the regulatory obligations under the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 in its current form and after the amendments coming into force in 2017. CREWTERIA will send the Seafarer an email of our insurance certificate on acceptance of the Job. This will outline all relevant insurance matters should the Seafarer be stranded in a foreign Port.

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